• Algemeen

    Geslacht: Man
    Geboortejaar: 1975
  • Maten

    Lengte: 180
    Confectie: 52
    Schoenmaat: 41
  • Uiterlijk

    Haarkleur: Zwart
    Oogkleur: Bruin
    Uiterlijk: Europees
  • Casting

    Acteurs, Sport, Danser
  • Ervaring

    Fotomodel, Dressman, Acteur

My name is Mourad Yedji, I am both an actor and an engineer. I got my first role in theater. I subsequently performed several roles in cinema, series of which the most relevant the role of snake in the international film "Theodosia" as well as the role of Tobias in "Lopak the bewitch" where I played with Abdel Qissi, the actor who played the villain against JCVD. I also started training at the Namur Theater and some masterclasses, mainly with Richard Samel and Belgian casting directors. Usually the roles I've been cast for so far are: spanish/latino, professor, bad-boy, mafia boss, officers, and scientific researcher roles but I'm always up for the challenge and try others characters.